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About Us  

Secure Safety Systems started out with people who each had the ambition, drive, determination and focus to embrace new technology with a totally unique way of dealing with customers.

From a great many meetings with some 50 City of London based companies and extensive research into what the clients would want if it were possible to develop fully personalised products and still save them money.....

Designs began, regular update meetings, many cups of coffee!!! And live trialling of products within companies started - the companies were allowed to complain as much as they could (every criticism was welcomed) so we could get the products completely right for them.

After 6 months of extensive trialling  - CheckPoint Visitor standalone was launched and thanks especially to Roger Massey formerly of (Jones Lang Lasalle) Chiswell Street, EC1 - very soon after followed CheckPoint Managing Agent Web Hosted version with 7 tenant companies still happily using the system - They are happy and it works - our life is simple and so is theirs (now 8 years later!!! - that tells it's own story...

Imagine that - a web hosted system that doesn't ever go offline, (except in extreme weather conditions where most companies would suffer too!) and NO pay per click.

Our pricing is fair and we charge out just a low cost licence fee per annum, per company..

For Education - we have CheckPoint School Visitor and also  Pupil Manager (6 programs in 1 covering; Authorised Absence / Latecomers / Detention / Unauthorised Absence / Appointments and Miscellaneous)
Click here for (link to CheckPoint Visitor Education)

Next up was CheckPoint Contractor Permit Manager and successfully trialled by The Corn Exchange, London EC3. Web hosted again - Thank you to Steve, who patiently gave us many hours of his time to get this product near perfect.

Also trialled and tested is CheckPoint Managing Agent, both manual and web hosted,CheckPoint Building Manager for multi tenanted buildings where visitors arrive in the 100's and unannounced everyday.

There are 3 - 5 companies that have tested each of our products before we release them for general sale.




Our Directors 

Caroline Stacey - Designer of CheckPoint software and passionate for Sales and Marketing

Has a wealth of experience within the Education and Corporate sectors - would love to see
CheckPoint installed UK and Europe and beyond... watch this space

Personally - am very friendly. extremely feminine and of course I love SHOPPING!

Professionally - I am more than happy to drink Tea or Coffee (Milk but no sugar please!) and visit your School or Business to discuss where Secure Safety Systems can help save you time and money.



Mark Richardson - Likes to think he's young, Dynamic, Self confessed Workaholic and Entrepeneur with drive and determination in bucketloads!

Personally - would live on the Ski Slopes in France, enjoys life to the full and is never miserable (EVER!!)

Professionally - Has a head for finance, investment and driving business's forward

Wants to see CheckPoint Visitor Software in other countries (so he will have to visit them)...

Watch this space

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