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CheckPoint Visitor (for Education)

Since 2007 - Secure Safety Systems have been providing Educational establishments across the UK with Visitor Management software systems that give 100% data protection and are always online.

Our software is a finished product and therefore not prone to 'Having to be tweaked, upgraded or changed in any way' nor do we have to send out IT departments to 'fix any problems' as quite simply - there are no problems. WAIT!! Except for if the pass printer plays up - then we like to just get a new one.

Hardware and software are 2 different things - our software is simple executable programs that are installed on your own pcs/laptops and therefore you have total control - that's what we mean by 100% data protection.

We do 4 different versions of CheckPoint for Education
they are:-

CheckPoint School Visitor - For Primary/Junior Schools/Academies
Easy to Learn - Simple to Use - Cost Effective
Control your Visitors / Contractors / Parent / Teacher / Governors coming onsite
Full report system to know who is in your school
100% Data Protection - full program remains with your school
Accurate Fire Register in Real Time
Gives Health & Safety information
No Huge outlay - Just a small licence charge
Fully personalised software for your school/academy


CheckPoint Visitor - Web Hosted - For Larger Schools/Academies/Colleges/Universities
Easy to learn - Simple to Use - Cost Effective
100% Data Protected - full program remains with your school
Encrypted Data Packets - Unique Cloud Database
No limits to users
Multi Entrance/Exits
Works across your different sites
Accurate Fire Register in Real Time
Full Reports and Audit trails of your visitors
Fast Name Search Recognition
Gives Health & Safety Information
No Huge outlay
Low cost Licence charge
Fully personalised software for your School/Academy
Many other unique features


CheckPoint Contractor/PW Manager - Web Hosted -For Larger Schools/Academies/Colleges/Universities
Gives you full control of Contractors on site
Provides Documentation to comply with full Health & Safety Legislations
ull Reporting system and audit trail and much more
Online Updating of Works - easy to use - in real time
Includes your Permits to Work, Method Statements
and other critical information (personalised to your school)
Accurate Fire Register in real time
100% data protected - full program remains with your school
Includes Contractor Signing In System too
Many more features and benefits


CheckPoint Pupil Manager - For Primary and Junior Schools
6 Programs in 1.
Deals with Latecomers / Authorised Absence / Unauthorised Absence / Appointments / Detentions / Miscellaneous
Can operate alongside SIMS
Provides Fire Register in real time
Details pupils arriving to school after registration
Details pupils out of school after registration
Provides audit trail on Pupils frequently Late or Absent in seconds
Easy to learn - simple to use
No huge outlay - low cost licence fee

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